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6 simple steps for writing Role and responsibilities for job description

01-Jun-19 Job Portal
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Job Description is the first point of contact to know about the complete information about the available vacancies in the company.  It explains the related functions, duties and importance of the vacant position. Many times role and responsibilities include information which is related to a particular task and all important details regarding the job opening. Job Description  is important as it serves a variety of informational purposes related to salaries, benefits, job timing and the number of working days weekly. Companies use Job description content targets to attract job seekers by generating interest and clearing the company mission and vision.


A well written job description can easily influence the candidates and while they are searching for job sites in India they can effectively check whether the requirements are familiar or not. Candidates can have a clear vision and it helps them to co-relate with a clear knowledge of things. HR and Employers must understand the art of writing to the point the Role and responsibilities for job description.

1. Performing a complete Job Analysis.  

Before processing anything related to job description, collecting the information, analyzing the tasks and other important activities an employer or HR must be organized with the available information. 

a. Salary surveys must be done as to provide an appropriate salary bar for the occupational needs. 
b. Observing the number of task required for the job interview. 
c. Preparing worksheets based on questionnaires and skills. 
d. Collecting and maintaining records of experienced, skills and factors required for Job Description.  
e. Mentioning about the credential required for the positioning like education, certifications and other important details.

2. Ensuring the correct role and responsibilities 

This section involves that how an employee can perform his day to day activities. A role and responsibilities is incomplete without detailed information about position essential functionality. 

a. Inform that the task mentioned in the functionality is important requirements and needs continuous performance. 
b. Type of work and its frequency must be defined properly. 
c.  Writing important notes with bold letters to ensure well informed candidates. 
d. Writing about the required skills helps to filter the best candidates. 
These points can be consider as the guidelines as to be performed prior to posting Online jobs in India. 

3. Structure the correct format 

Structure of JD can be different from other companies but there is a set of standard information which is important for the best appearance of that particular job opening. 

The following topics are important for a standard Job description over the Job sites in India.
Job title -   Position/ Designation 
Salary grade - Compensation levels or pay ranges 
Reporting to – mention the title of the position this job reports to.
Date when the job description was written or updated.
Summary/objective overall objectives of the job.
Requirements of knowledge, skills and abilities.
Work environment - factors that may affect the person's working conditions 
Position type and expected hours of work
Travel - percentage of travel time expected for the position
Required education and experience
Preferred education and experience.
Additional eligibility qualifications certifications, industry-specific experience and others

4. Add Disclaimer

Duties and responsibilities may change with time and company requirements and many of the times new ones may be assigned with or without any prior notice. It is always a good strategy to add disclaimer which indicates that the JD is subject to company policies and any change in the same is non objectionable.

5. Validate the Job Description

Validate the JD with the signature lines, this shows that the career opportunity is authenticated and is approved by top management. 

6. Post it on leading Job portals in India

The prepared draft must have approval of top management and the supervisor of the position. It is good to review the JD before final posting over the leading Job portals in India.

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