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Some factors to consider before you quit your current job

18-Nov-19 Job Posting
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A person should out think of his/her welfare before quitting a job. You may fall in a Scenario, where you have quit your job and you are looking for another job desperately before the financial burden starts creeping in. There can be multiple reasons that make you quit your job like a bad boss or a co-worker, conditions aren’t good enough, boredom, not getting the recognition you wanted, etc. But it won’t matter to the organization as they will hire another person as soon as you leave. Our advice is not to leave your job until and unless you have another job lined up for you from the latest job in India. You should quit your job gracefully and with professionalism.

The first factor that you should consider before quitting a job is your financial position. Do you some funds in your bank that can support you or your family for the period you remain jobless. This is the reason a person should have another job lined up before he/she actually quits as sitting without a job will burn your cash reserves faster than you expect. After you quit the job in an unprofessional manner, it gets difficult to go back to the same company and beg for the same job and remuneration again, and even though they decide to give you the job. You will not have the same respect and recognition that you had before you quit. When you quit gracefully, you can search from the free job posting website.

When you quit your job in Unprofessional manner

When you quit your job in hast, It may become a hindrance in the next interview process. Companies would ask to give a reference of the previous company before you join and if you fail to supply the detail, it may jeopardize your final selection probably for the best jobs in India.

Even during the interview process you will be asked to narrate the details about the previous company. You will be asked about your reporting style, your relation with other co-workers, etc and your body signs may fail to tell the exact truth. The interviewers can tell when a person in front of them is not completely honest through body language and face expressions.

Some common reasons for quitting the job

What can be the reason for quitting your job? Do you hate your boss? are the targets unrealistic? are you going through too much stress? Are you not getting the promotion?

You are the best judge of your problems. You should not feel shy to discuss your stress-related problems with your family and close friends. If you are looking to quit the job for the right reasons then you should go ahead and do it gracefully. Changing a job for growth and promotion after spending considerable time in your present company can be justified. But if things like boss attitude and relation with co-workers are governing your decision then you must analyze your future prospects in another company before quitting your current job.


You need to do a self-evaluation of yourself too. Are there some shortcomings in you, which people are finding it difficult to connect with you. Are you fulfilling your assigned duties? Are you taking a lot of time to complete the tasks? It may the scenario that the problem starts with you. Self evaluation can also be a solution to this problem.

Talk to your boss, discuss problems that you are facing before making a decision to quit your job. Let the employer know, that you are in problem or stress.

Therefore, a few things that you should consider before you quit your job are:

  • You should get a job lined up before you quit your present job.
  • You should give a proper resignation after consulting with your seniors and letting them know the reason for quitting the job.
  • You must serve the notice period gracefully and with dedication. So that you don’t spoil the relation with the current employer.

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