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Boost your confidence with perfect body language tips for interview process

16-Nov-18 Interview
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Actions are more powerful than words. Many times our body language speaks more than our words. This could be a very important thing to notice when it comes to a job interview. Candidates lose or get hired for the job offer as to how they behave during the interview round. With this blog we would like to introduce the best body language tips for interviews for fresher and experienced professionals.

Before the interview 

Groom yourself

Grooming is very important for everyone, one night before the interview trying to groom yourself properly so that the next morning you may have the best look for you. This includes unwanted facial hair removal, nail cutting and a beauty sleep of 8 hours so you will look fresh at the time of your face2face round of interview.

Get dressed properly. 
In India, for male candidates it is advised to dress up in formals like a check shirt, formal trousers, leather shoes, sober wrist watches and ties if possible. For female candidates it is advised to be in formals like shirts and skirts. It has also been seen that any sober Indian attire will also work out perfectly for interviews. It is advised that they need to dress with cotton or silk Indian attire.

During the interview

Cool your Palm before any handshake with the interviewer.
Are you nervous and your palms are sweaty? No problem trying to use the washroom before actually going into the meeting. It could be possible that your hands are a bit sweaty, so try to wash your hands with cold water for at least 30 seconds. This trick will cool down your hands and actually work nervousness too.


Give them a steady handshake

When your hands are cool then you are ready for the next phase, which is your first handshake with the interviewer. Try to make it a firm handshake because it defines your personality. Be strong and confident in doing it.

Maintain body posture and smile.
Eye contact is very important during the interview round. Sit straight and try to give a gentle smile when it is required. This defines the personality and also the nature of the person. Don’t cross your legs and hands as it could give the signal an introvert or less interested personality.

Using voice modulation techniques
Try not to be a very low or high pitch person, when you reply to the questions of the interviewer make a steady voice technique that pitch the exact amount of sound which is perfect for the person sitting next to you.

At the end of the interview

Stand straight, smile and give them a firm handshake.
The chances of the candidate becoming higher when they end the meeting on a handshake. This leaves a positive note in the mind of the interviewer. Stand straight during the handshake and a gentle smile will do its work.


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