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Growth of online job portals in India

06-Aug-19 Job Portal
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Massive population of India and job demand

India is a country of billions of people. Massive population growth over the years has led to the demand of jobs in both organized and unorganized sector.

The creation of jobs has also been aided by the tremendous growth of industries and corporate sector over the last three decades.

India was an agricultural based economy before 1991, but after opening the gates to globalization. Companies from all over the world rushed into India to explore untapped opportunity and demand of a billion people.


Conception and growth of Online job search portals.

Before the internet era, people were hired in a conventional way. But after the advent of internet, things changed and online job search sites started dominating the job market.

It provided people ease and convenience and an opportunity to apply for jobs from their personal computers and that too without any charge.

It also proved convenient for the companies willing to hire fresh and skilled talent.

Hence, these job portals developed themselves as a connecting platform for the organizations and the candidates. was the first job search website, which achieved success and gained popularity among the Indian masses. But over the time foreign companies with big names like Monster, Timesjobs and indeed realized the importance of having presence in the booming Indian job market.

Organizations look out for a number of candidates to screen before finalizing the selected candidate for selection. These executive search portals provide an opportunity to organizations to navigate through a large list of employee profiles for the required skill sets and call them for the interview at will.

Recruitment consultants charge fees for every hiring from the organizations that they deliver services to. Every organization doesn’t possess the budget to afford the services of recruitment consultants. Some organizations take leverage of online job search sites and apps to cut down the recruitment costs that they may pay to recruitment consultants. 

The significant factor that makes Indian job market so lucrative for these online job search portals is the mass availabity of candidates in every domain and field. India is a country packed with talent of diverse expertise.

These candidates list out their profiles on various job portals in a hope to find a job of their dreams. Their go to instinct is to register their resume on top job portals so that their profile can pop-up in the relevant skill searches. The more the number of times a profile is seen, more it has the chances of getting selected.

Even the employed individuals register themselves on new portals in a hope to find a better job.

These job portals often encourage the registered individuals to opt for paid packages to generate revenue. The job search sites in return offer to deliver exclusive services like resume highlighting, customized job notifications, resume writing services etc.

Job searching candidates’ expectations are growing and future hold the key to success for those online job search sites who deliver as per their advertisement and marketing promises.

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