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How to handle job rejection

18-Oct-19 Interview
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We all get rejected in job interviews at some point in our life. Job rejection can be emotionally daunting for most people.  Different personalities embrace these interview setbacks in a different way and some people devise new methods to counter them effectively. Hence, you could also take some inspiration from these people and bounce back with more rigorously.

When you got a favorite job opening or you like that organization and you desperately want to become a part of it. You some develop some expectations and raise your hopes in expectation of job confirmation and your fresh start at this organization. But all you get is thanks for applying e-mail instead of job confirmation. This can have a devastating effect on the morale of an individual especially when that individual has faced multiple job rejections in a row.

There are two scenarios that happen when you evaluate yourself after the rejection. Either you evaluate your shortcomings of the interview or you decide that failed to give your best and it could be better for future interviews. In the other scenarios, you admit that you did your best and it really puts a negative effect on your positive thoughts for the future.

You should not take these things on a personal level

When an interview is taking interview of a number of persons they are not only evaluating your skills but the skills of all the candidates. There are a number of other points that an interview tries to match the requirements and culture of the company. Hence, when you do not get selected for the interview, try not to assume that the interview didn’t like your personality or you as a person.  This does not imply that you are short on skills or interviewer had some bias against you. It only tells that you are not the closest match to the company requirements. So whenever you go rejected, restrain from blaming yourself right after the result.

Every interview is a new learning

An interview rejection does not imply failure, it just signals you the key areas where you can improve. Whenever a company provides you some feedback on the reason that you weren’t selected. Try to construct those feedback as you learning points and try to become more resourceful for the next interview.

An interview is an agreement between two persons  

People often get rejected from the jobs which are not meant for them. You do not want to end up in a job which is not your core area or which require too much experience. Try to accept this fact that you should make a difference and select the jobs which are more relevant to you. After all, these job openings provide you the maximum chance of getting selected.

Just remember Many great personalities who reached the zenith of their career got rejected somewhere in their life. It was not because they lacked some skills. It was because they were not the right match for every organization.


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