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How to write Job acceptance letter?

03-Jan-19 CV Writing
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Writing acceptance letter for job application could be the next thing you will look for when you receive an offer from your new organization. With a professional acceptance email you are not only going to accept the invitation but also indirectly creating a positive impact in the eyes of your new boss and HR.

Professionalism needs effort and when you put these efforts into the organization, it directly reinforces your personality and seriousness about the work and company. It is a positive impression for the concerned people on the other end who will be receiving your email. The correct job acceptance letter format enables you to outline the details of your new job so that you and your employer can have a clear idea about your salary, job role, working hours way prior to your joining in an organization.

Before writing the letter you need to plan it well, it could be a good opportunity to express your commitment to your new organization. This can be done with the help of a perfect choice of words. The acceptance letter should be acknowledged to the person who has offered you the job and it is better to avoid spelling and grammar errors while writing the same.

The letter should be precise and positive and must include a thank-you note, formal acceptance, terms and condition discussion and also fine information about salary, job location, and work hours of timing. This mandatory thing to do as it may avoid upcoming misunderstandings.

Let’s have a look over a sample.

Subject: Accepting the Job Offer from ___________

Dear Mr. /Ms. {Recipient’s Name},

This mail is in reference to the job offer of {Title of the job }. It gives me the privilege to work for {Company’s name}. Please consider this email as my formal job acceptance letter.

Working with your organization is a dream come true for me. I assure you to give my best in every task given to me and will deliver my best for the goals and objectives of the organization.

With due respect, I would like to inform you that my tenure will start from {Date}. The salary package that I will be receiving is of {annual salary}. I have a good idea about other incentives and bonuses will totally be based on performance and overtime during my work period.

I am really thankful to the organization for giving me this opportunity. I promise my contributions will align in the betterment and achievement of the company milestones.

Yours Sincerely

{Your signature}

It has also been seen that people choose to proceed with the job search when they formally accept the job offer. It sounds professional to notify other organizations that you are no longer looking for another company to work for. You must withdraw your name and details from the leading job portals as soon as you have submitted job acceptance letter for job application.

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