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More firings is leading to more business for outplacement companies

27-Sep-19 Job Portal
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With companies going on a firing spree as a result of the slowed-down economy, it is leading to more clients for the outplacement companies in India. Outplacements companies’ help in smooth career transitions of employees who are fired from the companies.   These services companies are witnessing a sharp rise in their business with multiple meetings throughout the days. The founders and directors of these outplacement firms are taken with surprise as the companies firing the employees don’t want to spoil their employer image and they are expecting these outplacement companies to cover up for their firing decisions. 


Although there has been a growth in job portals offering best jobs in India. People still need the services of these companies to find latest jobs in India. Government is proactively taking some measure to reduce the scarcity of jobs in the economy, given the fact that Indian economy is witnessing a slowdown for the past several months. These outplacement services were only hired by foreign and multinational organizations, but the India employers are aware that the firing of employees could dent their employer image in the near future. Consequently, they don’t want to lag behind in taking adequate measures. In the meanwhile, candidates always lookout for the best executive jobs in India. 


These outsourcing companies are witnessing a 50 percent to almost 100 percent surge in the queries. The companies are coming out from all sectors like pharma, healthcare, FMCG, Consumer Durables, IT and more. 


There are some instances where employees are hired but they aren’t provided any guarantee of job continuation. So when they are laid off they find it difficult to find a job at the same level. These organizations help them to apply for companies that fall in different industry segments.
As the trend is growing, a number of Organizations who are offering recruitment services have added these outplacements services in their portfolio. 

There were times when the organizations didn’t care a lot about various needs of mid-level and junior level employees. But nowadays every organization is looking up to improve its brand image  


A lot of organizations are becoming acceptable to the challenges that employees face in their daily lives and they are catering to these problems by hiring professional firms from outside. There has also been an emerging trend with the laid off-employees: they have a desire to choose a path of entrepreneurship or get self-employed. These hired firms also support the employees in their personal endeavors.   


Employees are impacted by job firings by both emotional and financial stress. These companies also sometimes also includes their spouses for further support. 

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