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Top 7 Highest Salaried jobs in India for fresher candidates.

02-Feb-19 Job for freshers
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The rate of employment in India is growing and when you are looking the best career opportunities there must be dedication of successfully going through ups and down of it. We have come up with job options with guidance from almost all streams like Science, commerce, arts and others.

1. Charted Accountant

A profession which is always in demand and people are ready to pay any amount of package as per the suitable candidates. CA professionals are required by every small to big size enterprise. The average salary of qualified CA can go up to 25 Lacs per annum. For being evergreen successful in this career you need to clear exams of CA final in minimum attempts to get high salary package.

2. Lawyer

This profession comes in recession-proof zone it means no matter how Indian economy is going through, you as a lawyer will always be on the brighter side. Yes, you read it right, studying law is always demanding as a career path which offers different fields of expertise. For example Litigation lawyers, immigration lawyers, criminal lawyers, corporate lawyers, and others. As per the salary package a criminal lawyer can earn almost 20 Lacs per year on an average. When you graduate with a law degree and that too from a reputed law school the chances become higher of getting more than an average salary package.

3. Pilot

One of the best jobs in India for fresher and too at you can get in the early twenties. The pilot profession is full of adventure and glamor for sure. The starting package itself can go in between 15Lacs- 22Lacs (Commercial Pilot) and 10 Lacs-17 Lacs (Airline Pilot). The job required intense and motivated candidates with necessary requirement of ground training as well as more than 200 hours of flying time proven experience. You can opt for this career after passing Class 12 with Mathematics and Physics with at least 60 percent marks in each subject and at least 60 percent in overall academics.

4. Doctor

Being a Doctor in India is a very noble and highly respectful career. For sure the path of becoming one is not so easy task. Like other professions this requires skills of dedication, discipline, planning and passion to help and understanding to treat everyone equal. The average salary package of freshly passed doctor lies in between 8Lacs – 12 Lacs per annum. You have to opt for Science field with Biology as a major subject along with physics and chemistry. Appear for competitive exams to enter into the field of medicine and the course duration would be of 5 years in India with mandatory additional six months of related internship.

5. Cricketer

This profession is also considered the religion of India. A professional cricketer like Virat Kohli can earn yearly in Billions and you can be hired as brand ambassador by top companies and surely can maximize your income. To become one you have to play for teams and also have to join clubs. You have to be a Ranji trophy winner and also work on your skills enhancement with a lot of practice.

6. Software Engineer

Who creates and manages websites and mobile games? All thanks to software engineers. This profession is highly in demand and serves a major portion of employment in India. To become a Software engineer you need to be technical graduate and possess good knowledge of the latest computer languages like PHP, Java, Oracle and others. The annual salary package of good and knowledgeable software engineer goes from 6Lacs to 15 Lacs per annum.

7. Data Scientist

A data scientist job is to deal with huge information related to the various field and come up with a solution basically you need to learn how to “visualize the data”. An average salary package for data scientist job in India for fresher is around 5Lacs – 10 Lacs per annum. To become one you need to be from Science background as PCM as major subjects followed by graduation and post-graduation in IT and data as specialization respectively.

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