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What are the best ways to hire top candidates in India?

25-Feb-19 Job search
IndiaOnJobs Author: Indiaonjobs

The success of any organization is closely related to its employees. No matter it’s a small firm or fortune 500 in the world, the key factors of its success are the quality of employees it has.

Finding top talent could be a challenging task for many employers and HR teams. Before online job posting, employers must decide the type of job seeker they want to attract for the vacancy and what exact message they want to convey to reach targeted individuals. During the interview they have to precisely think about.

1. Recruitment of the best employees on board

2. How much Training is required for the candidates?

3. Their retention rate in the company.

Identify Recruitment objective

Recruitment objectives must be aligned with the strategic objectives of the company. It can help companies to work according to their requirements, like finding a new leader for the organization or finding an employee for the new office location.  

This includes the following steps:

1. Inquire about the job vacancy

2. Learn the job role and responsibilities

3. Take help from the team and hiring managers.  

Develop Job description

Creating and posting JD is an important point to consider as it will be the first point of information your targeted candidates will read. To develop a perfect job description thinks of these points while writing about the next vacancy.

1. Use influential job description to attract best candidates.

2. Avoid irrelevant information

3. Add company links and contact information.

Build recruitment activities

To drive maximum value to your recruitment you must consider this thoughtfully. This includes activities of job posting, candidate interview scheduling and delivering the proper feedback to them,

1. Telephonic or Skype interview meeting before actual F2F round

2. Include an IQ test in the interview process.

3. Avoid more than 3 interview rounds.

If you miss any of the above given points, your recruitment output can results employees which are not suitable or may quit the job if got hired. There are other disadvantages of missing the highly qualified job candidates as your message has not reached them yet. 

These given points can give you a good idea to find top candidates on board and these well-constructed strategies can be more effective in your recruitment program. In order to obtain maximum benefit of these strategies you can customize them according to the contextual circumstances.

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