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Why Employment in India is a major issue since after Independence?

22-Mar-19 employment India
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In India year 2019 is going to be the most crucial year, as the LS elections are going to happen in April and May of this year. Employment in India is important for piece of the financial, social and various development strategy of the nation. It gives monetary opportunity and basic leadership control. It open doors for people in India can help to minimize corruption and abolish terrorism. Furthermore, it helps country to fight against poverty. On the other hand For example, Government employment tests dates are changed, biasing in candidate selection and job cancellation after or before government elections and more. In any case, Getting full time or jobs from home in India could be a difficult task.  

That is why job opportunities for qualified candidates, full-time employment offers, free-lancing are an important for the economic and social development of the country. let’s understand the importance of employment  here:

1. High Employment is means high economic development

A good job not only improves the quality of living and but also everyday comforts standard when a person gets salary. It’s because the working professionals give their best to achieve the goals. Which help in the business of employer and also the improve in the productivity can be seen. Then it improves the business dealings come in the market. For example on Festivals employees gets gifts and salary bonus. If they got money and they will spend it on the festival. Also when someone has money, they likely are going to spend or invest it.
In any case, what jobless or job seeker purchase from the market? Or on the other hand what about individuals who are below the poverty line will purchase on the festival? Standard of living will down it the people of country don’t get the opportunities.  The reason is, having a successful career in India is important part of economic and self-development.

2. It reduces corruption in the system and the country.

At the point, when an individual don't have the resources like money or they are not getting according to the system. They feel bad about it and this could be the negligibility by the private or government organizations. They begin doing corruption.  For example getting a degree or job by means of money is corruption and this could be the worse situation for an economy. So the qualified people are important in the system which can handle it and also can stop the use of this unethical practice.

3. The result of employment is Social Development.

When individuals get into part or full time jobs in India they get cash in the form of salary. Sustainable Competition, Money and standard of living are the most factors for motivation. At the point when employees get salaried for their work they feel good. They begin investing energy with family and relatives. They begin taking an interest in social improvement exercises which indeed results in social development.


4. It helps in easing poverty from the root.

Poverty is one of the major issue and only education and employment can remove it from the system. It gives a financial stability to the people and also with the help of money they get from it they learn to survive better with different climatic conditions.

Employment gives safety and financial stability of the people which came under the poverty line. It means when people are working they learn to live and survive with all possible luxuries in the life. They meet friends and family members for whom many of them explore new ideas and asset management strategies. They can educate their kids with the money and this will reflect a positive change in the life of people who are below the poverty line.

5.  Terrorism can be removed with employment in the country.

Pickpockets, thieves, terrorists, extremist, separatist and more are intelligent individuals.  But due to lack of successful career in India they become intolerable for the country. They often give reason that the people who are less qualified are earning a good amount of money. They may feel dishearten or even cheated in the context.  Once they start doing a reputed job according to their skill sets there will be crisis in these activities.

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