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Q. How do people describe you?


Here's another best opportunity to differentiate yourself from others. Everybody claims to be a diligent employee, great communicator, and cooperative person. Be how you are, problem solver, leader in the industry, game changer? Be imaginative, and have stories to back it up.

Good communicators are all over the place. This doesn't simply mean that you are good at speaking and not good at listing. Do you hear things that others don't? Can you figure out things quickly? Would you be able to make sense of what individuals are attempting to let you know through non-verbal communication like body language and facial expressions? And that is not difficult if you're a smart individual. Pulling your work pressure in the office? What have you done, past your set of working responsibilities that spared the group from troubles or helped them make an incomprehensible deadline and you won an honor for this?


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