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How to write a successful cover letter for a job application?

21-Dec-18 CV Writing
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Cover letters for resume are really important while sending job resumes to employers. A cover letter gives an employer a good understanding of your application and your seriousness about the vacancy. With this blog we would like to give some tips which are very important to make your cover letter noticeable.

The BIG misconception 

Many people think that the cover letter is just information which is all about summing up the  details of the CV. Well this is not true, the purpose is altogether different. According to the experts, a perfect cover letter portrays the reason why you are interested in the job offer. With that it also targets the skills and experience on your resume which are relevant for the same job requirement.

The power of Cover letter format

1.  Depicts the interest  of candidate in Job vacancies and company

2.  Portrays the skills and experience relevant to the job role

3.  Also exhibits strong writing skills to the employers.

4.  It encourages the employers to read your resume.

The Structure of perfect cover letter

·  It must be of one page only.

·  Start your letter with relevant person name. If you are not sure you can ask your recruiter or HR for the same.

·  End the letter to show the willingness of providing more information if needed.

The choice of words in the letter

·   Follow professionalism and use positive words.

·   Never start your letter with “I”

·   Make it short and simple. No need to repeat any information which is given in your resume.

·   Avoid using uncertain words

Body of the Effective cover letter must of three paragraphs

First paragraph

You can start by telling the hiring manager which designation you are applying for and how you came to know about the job offer. You can proceed by introducing yourself by including your qualifications, experience, career goals and how the job vacancy is important for your career growth.

Second Paragraph

The second paragraph must include your current job description and how the current experience can allow you to serve better with the job vacancy. You can check with the job description and include some of the words which you think are important.

Third Paragraph
The final paragraph highlights the positivity of the candidates and openness to providing any additional information if needed. This leaves a positive impression in the eyes of the employer and this increases the chances of yours being hired by the organization.

Tips to Remember

·  Use A4 white paper and avoid folding the sheet.

·  Include standard text style and size.

·  Keep page margins clear and equal.

·  Make a rough draft before actually sending it.

·  It will be the first example of your writing skills

·  Avoid spelling and grammar errors

·  If possible ask someone else to read for you

Keep copies of the application letter for a job vacancy.

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